MS Diamant fährt auf dem Vierwaldstättersee mit dem schönen Sonnenuntergang im Hintergrund.

myclimate «Cause We Care»

Help make a difference! Let’s work together for climate protection and sustainable tourism in Switzerland

The careful use of resources is important to us for the sake of environmental protection. You can support our efforts. As part of the myclimate initiative "Cause We Care", you have the option of making a voluntary contribution to offset your carbon emissions. We will match your contribution, thus helping achieve climate protection and sustainable tourism.

More about "Cause We Care"

With a voluntary donation of 1% on the value of  your purchase, you will support our climate protection measures and help compensate for the CO2 emissions of your cruise. As a thank you, we promise to match your contribution.

Part of this sum is used to support a high-quality, international climate protection project run by the myclimate foundation. This allows you to enjoy a climate-neutral experience on Lake Lucerne.

The remaining amount is invested by us in regional sustainability measures or sustainable operations. Together we can care for the environment, so that future generations may also enjoy our beautiful nature.



This is how you can make a difference

1) You make a voluntary contribution to climate protection when booking a cruise on the website lakelucerne.ch or chartering a ship for a private event on Lake Lucerne.

2) We match this contribution and then transfer the combined amount into the "Cause We Care" sustainability fund of myclimate.

3) Local sustainability and climate protection measures are financed from this fund. At the same time, the CO2 emissions of your public cruise or private event are compensated by myclimate with the project "clean drinking water for schools and households in Uganda".

Together we can achieve twice as much! For the benefit of our environment and the climate. Thank you! We are implementing these climate protection measures in cooperation with the Swiss foundation myclimate and its "Cause We Care" campaign.


Man sieht das Motorschiff Bürgenstock in voller Fahrt Richtung Kehrsiten.

Sustainability and climate protection measures

A selection of implemented projects

  • For years, the entire SGV Group has attached great importance to energy efficiency, short transport routes, the use of regional suppliers wherever possible, and sustainable production in its day-to-day operations and investments. In 2021, a switch was made from vehicle couriers to bicycle couriers. This will save around 20,000 car kilometers per year thanks to the decommissioning of the courier car.
  • Motor motorship Diamant has been offsetting its Co2 emissions since 2017. MS Diamant is thus the first climate-neutral ship in Switzerland. In cooperation with the climate protection organization myclimate, SGV supports the project "Clean drinking water through filter systems" in Uganda.
  • The motorship Bürgenstock of the SGV is an exceptional ship. In the Lake Lucerne basin, the ship runs in electric mode, the diesel engines remain switched off. This is the case for about half of the travel time. The batteries are then recharged during the voyage. The ship is a modern, innovative and ecologically sensible "bridge" between Lucerne and the Bürgenstock resort. The ship has been in operation since 2018.

Planned projects with "Cause We Care"

With your voluntary Co2 contribution within the framework of the myclimate project "Cause We Care", you are helping to support the following projects.

Thank you for your commitment to an intact environment!  An excerpt of planned projects:

  • Examination of projects for hydrogen propulsion on Motorship Saphir and the use of synthetic fuel (CO2-neutral) for motor and steam vessels.
  • Conversion of the lighting on the ships and the shipyard premises from conventional light sources to LED light sources. This will reduce power consumption.
  • Reduction of paper consumption through digitization and automation of processes and workflows that currently still require paper (e.g. dispatch of invoices, wage statements, payroll sheets).

About myclimate

myclimate is our partner for effective climate protection, both locally and globally. Working with businesses and private individuals, myclimate seeks to shape the future through consulting and education.

As a non-profit organization, myclimate runs a number of climate protection projects around the world and manages its activities in a market-oriented and customer-focused manner. The Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV AG) is proud to be a partner of myclimate and to commit to important climate protection measures.

More information: myclimate.org