MS Bürgenstock

Our stylish new catamaran entered public service in May 2018. It provides an hourly shuttle service between Lucerne and Kehrsiten, from where there is an onward connection to the Bürgenstock Resort by funicular railway. 

Our newest vessel provides a fast and frequent shuttle service 365 days a year. This is by far the most attractive way to reach the magnificent Bürgenstock Resort by combination of boat and funicular. Glide over the lake and then rise above it to reach new heights. 

Information about the ship

General features

Designed for fast and efficient public transportation, no catering aboard.

Seating Capacity - temporary

First Class inside: 26
Firs Class outside: 15
Second Class inside: 93
Second Class outside: 84
Total 218


Technical data

Capacity 300 passengers
Ship type Motor vessel
Builder Shiptec, Lucerne
Maiden Voyage Late spring 2018
Power source Hybrid
Propulsion Screw
Weight 110.92 t

2 x 552 kW diesel

2 x 180 kW electric


Total length 38 m
Total width 10.3 m


Wheelchair toilet: yes
Baby change: yes
Play table for kids: no