Dessert Cruise

What a way to spend the afternoon

Set sail for sweet delight, as this cruise combines irresistible desserts and beautiful Alpine scenery. It's bound to be a winning combination!


For group and individual reservations please get in touch with us by phone: +41 41 367 67 67 or contact form.

Please make your table reservation until 13.00.

Additional information

Here you find additional documents about this offer, available for download.


Daily from

21.10. - 17.4.2020 and 19.10. - 12.12.2020


2.5 hours


A selection of small desserts and cakes from the buffet as well as salty snacks and hot seasonal drinks are waiting for you.

Menu (valid till 14.12.19)


Ticket prices 1st class  
With Half-Fare Card CHF 39.00 till 14.12.19 CHF 42.00 from 15.12.19  
Without CHF 68.00 till 14.12.19 CHF 72.00 from 15.12.19



Ticket prices 2nd class  
With Half-Fare Card CHF 25.50 till 14.12.19 CHF 28.00 from 15.12.19  
Without CHF 45.00 till 14.12.19 CHF 48.00 from 15.12.19



All tickets are valid, including the Children's Co-travelcard for children 6-16.



Lucerne (Pier 1)14.1216.47


Cruise to Beckenried, with intermediate stops according to the timetable.