World Food Boat

Specialities from all over the world.

In this new offer on Lake Lucerne there is much to discover. Come and enjoy different dishes from all over the world and help yourself at the theme buffets on the various decks of the ship.



Online-booking is only possible with credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amexco) and up to 9 people.

For group reservations and reservations with gift voucher please get in touch with us.

By phone: +41 41 367 67 67 or contact form.    

Please make your table reservation until 15.00.

Additional information

Here you find additional documents about this offer, available for download.


Every Saturday from
14.3. - 12.12.2020 (except 1.8.2020)



 "All you can eat" buffets with specialities from all over the world.


2.5 hours


Ticket prices  
With Half-Fare Card/GA CHF 32.00
Without (normal fare) CHF 38.00


Only special tickets are valid. The Children's Co-travelcard for children 6-16 is accepted.



Catering prices

"All you can eat" buffets CHF 52.00


Children up to 12, per year of age


CHF   3.00


14.3. - 16.5.2020 and 12.9. - 12.12.2020 


Dep Arr
Lucerne (pier 1) 19.12 21.47
Ship open until      



23.5. - 5.9.2020


Dep Arr
Lucerne (pier 2) 19.25 21.45
Ship open until