Cruising on MS Diamant


MS Diamant sails year-round and table reservations for individuals or small groups on public sails or specially themed culinary cruises are possible, as long as the ship has not been booked for a private charter.


A selection of refreshing drinks and menus is available onboard.


Our offer

Spend a memorable day on our state-of-the-art "Super Yacht", which incidentally is also the most modern passenger vessel in Switzerland. Get that amazing Mediterranean feeling like you would on a much larger cruise liner, as our own "diamond" offers you fantastic facilities and superb sightlines of the passing Alpine scenery. This exclusive package deal will provide you with full access to the bridge, where you may visit the captain and learn more technical details about the ship's design features. 

Afterwards, let our catering crew take good care of you, with an exquisite service and refined meal at your reserved table in one of the First Class salons. 

You are generally free to spend the time aboard as you like and we either recommend joining the daily 10:12 departure from Lucerne on the full-length sail to Flüelen and back, or coming aboard the shorter sunset cruise, which departs during thesummer season. 

Feel free to contact us, should you have any additional questions or would require some more specific advice.


Our VIP experience on MS Diamant, with the 5.5 hour long cruise from Lucerne to Flüelen and back, a reserved table in the First Class lounge, including a complimentary gourmet lunch, private deck chair outside and visit to the captain on the bridge, is available for 395 CHF. A small surprise gift is included as well. Enjoy a day of pure luxury on Lake Lucerne!

For the summer sunset option, including aperitif at the lakeside LUZ bistor and dinner on the boat in First Class, the package offer is 140 CHF.


9:45 - 10:47 for the full-length cruise.

19:00 - 21:47 for the summer-only sunset cruise