Early-Bird Ticket: Day Ticket

Benefit from a 60% discount on your day ticket.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a day rover ticket, allowing you unlimited travel for an entire day in the class of your choice. Our Early Bird Tickets are available for a maximum of 2 persons until the day before your trip (depending on availability). The tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and only valid in combination with a personal ID.

Additional information

Here you may find additional documents about this offer, available for download.




1 - 6 hours


Day ticket with 60% reduction


1st class

CHF 45.00

2nd class

CHF 30.00




For children aged 6-16 we recommend to purchase the child day pass for CHF 11.00 in 2nd or for CHF 15.00 in 1st class directly on the spot.


The Children's Co-travelcard for children 6-16 is also valid! 



The Early Bird day ticket is valid on the booked date on all regularly scheduled cruises on Lake Lucerne. Please note that this does not include some of the special culinary or event cruises. Early Bird tickets can be bought only at lakelucerne.ch.


You can find the current time table here.