Frequently asked questions

Are dogs permitted on the ships?

Dogs that have a shoulder height of less than 30 cm will be transported on our ships for free, as long as they are kept in their own basket or bag. All other dogs need a special pet ticket, which costs CHF 8.00 for a single ride or CHF 12.00 for a return journey. Please note that for virtually all of the specially themed culinary or fireworks cruises, dogs are NOT permitted at all. Please consult take note of our advance declarations.


Exception: Guide dogs for the blind are permitted.

May I bring my bike on the boat?

Based on available capacity, we will transport bicycles at a surcharge. The cost per bike is CHF 8.00 for a single ride and CHF 12.00 for a return journey. Please note that there is explicitly no transport guarantee for any and all bikes and you are advised to make an advance reservation if in doubt. For all groups with more than 5 bikes a reservation is mandatory. Please call us on our main number to make the required reservation in advance. Bike tickets or passes issued by other Swiss transport companies, including SBB, are NOT valid on Lake Lucerne!


Can I eat on the boat?

Our caterer Tavolago will be delighted to welcome you at any of our board restaurants or vending points. On most ships you will find a full menu, while on the smaller vessels there is usually a pleasant offer of light refreshments. It is possible to reserve a restaurant table in advance. Please call us or send us an email at 041 367 67 67 or reservation(at) In case you bring your own picnic, you may consume this on the open deck of any vessel.


Are there power sockets and internet access on the boats?

On our large motor vessels you will find electrical outlets and power sockets in the board restaurant. On our historical steamboats, no such fixtures are available. In case you intend to work on one of our ships with a laptop, please make arrangements with the catering crew upon boarding. During very busy sails or at meal times, we might not be able to spare the table space for you. Diners will always have priority. Because mobile signals can be poor on the lake, we do not have a WIFI service on any of the boats. 

Are your boats heated during winter?

Many of our ships have been purposefully built for year-round operations. As we run public transportation services 365 days a year in addition to our seasonal leisure cruises, our ships are ideally suited for operations in all kinds of conditions. You will find our winter boats to be warmly heated and very hospitable when it is cold outside. Warm drinks are also available from the catering crew onboard. Because several of our steamboats were built as traditional summer ships, they only operate during the warm time of the year from spring to autumn. The exception are the steamers "Uri" and "Unterwalden", which have been retrofitted for winter services and feature enclosed panoramic restaurants on the upper deck. These vessels then are also used for our festive winter steam program during the holidays of late December and early January.  


Can your ships operate in poor weather like snow, strong winds or fog?

Our ships are very safe and designed to operate in all kinds of conditions. In case of strong winds or severe storms, it is not possible to call some stations on Lake Lucerne. 

Is smoking permitted on the boats?

On all of our ships smoking is prohibited indoors, but you may smoke outside on the free decks. We ask that you please use the ashtrays and do not throw any stubs into the lake!

May I bring my own picnic onto the boat?

Yes, it is allowed to bring any kind of outside food or drink onto our vessels. We only ask that you do not consume these in the board restaurant, but merely in the common areas of the main deck or outside on the free decks. 

Is it possible to perform music on the boat?

As a rule, musical performances are not permitted on any of our ships, as these are public transportation vehicles. We also ask that you refrain from musical performances out of respect to your fellow passengers. 

Is it possible to visit the engine room?

Due to health and safety reasons, access to the engine rooms on either our steamboats or motor vessels is restricted to staff only. On all of the nostalgic paddle steamers you have an excellent open view of the working engine from the main deck and can also observe the turning paddle wheels through glass windows. In case you have any additional technical questions, please just ask a member of the boat crew for further information.


In case you are seriously interested in shipping, our exclusive VIP Experience Day package offer does offer full access to both the wheel house as well as the engine room. The VIP experience is available on either a historic paddle steamer or a modern motor vessel. 

What happens with expired vouchers?

Expired gift vouchers (vouchers and food vouchers as well as gift tickets for culinary cruises) are accepted 2 years after expiration of the voucher.


If your voucher is expired more than 2 years, please send it to exchange to the SGV with a stamped reply envelope.