Blick von Brunnen auf den Urnersee an einem schönen Sommertag.

Swiss Path on foot and by boat

Round-trip from Brunnen

Experience a tranquil cruise on Lake Uri from Brunnen to the Rütli meadow, before embarking on a scenic hike along the Swiss Path. This will allow you to learn more about Swiss history and the establishment of the Confederation in 1291. From the Rütli meadow you can make the ascent up to Seelisberg, from where you will be rewarded with spectacular panoramic views. Continuing along the trail you will eventually reach Bauen. From there you can return by boat to Brunnen or continue further south to Isleten, before getting on the boat there. This flexible ticket covers the boat journey from Brunnen to either Bauen or Isleten, plus the return trip.

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Aussicht vom Weg der Schweiz auf den Vierwaldstättersee.


Brunnen – Rütli – Seelisberg – Bauen – Brunnen

We recommend the 11.09 boat departure from Brunnen, which arrives at Rütli at 11.21. From the Rütli boat pier the trail will first take you uphill to Switzerland's most significant mountain meadow, where in 1291 the country was founded.

In case you would like to pause for refreshments at the Rütli, the Restaurant Rütlihaus is only 5 mins from the meadow. This typical Swiss inn also marks the start of the hiking trail to Seelisberg, which is perched on a scenic plateau high above the lake.

The altitude differential between Rütli and Seelisberg is about 350 vertical meters. Much of the hike leads through the shady forest and is generally quite twisty and turny. Along the way, you may pause at scenic vantage points for fine views of the surrounding mountains.

Once you have reached Seelisberg, a number of local restaurants provide opportunities for rest and refreshment. Later you may continue from Seelisberg past the local church and Beroldingen Castle  to the small hamlet of Wyssig, from where 960 stone steps lead back down the shores of the lake at Bauen.

At 16.21 there is a boat from Bauen back to Brunnen, which arrives at Brunnen at 16.47. Should you wish to walk further south, you may also continue from Bauen to the next boat pier at Isleten.


  • Route: From Brunnen to Rütli by boat, then on foot along the Swiss Path from Rütli via Seelisberg to Bauen. From Bauen you may return to Brunnen by boat.
  • Duration of the round-trip: About 6 hours
  • Duration of the hike: 3 hours
  • Vertical altitude differential during the hike: Ascent: 540 m | Descent: 540 hm
  • Ideal season: April - October
Dates April - October
Duration About 6 hours
Route Brunnen - Rütli - Seelisberg - Bauen - Brunnen (This ticket is also valid for the outward cruise as far as Bauen or Isleten and then for the boat trip from Rütli back to Brunnen)
Timetable Click here for more information
Catering Catering offers differ by boat and departure time
Prices Prices 2. class:
With Swiss Half-Fare Card: CHF 12.50
Without Swiss Half-Fare Card: CHF 25.00

Prices 1. class:
With Swiss Half-Fare Card: CHF 18.60
Without Swiss Half-Fare Card: CHF 37.20

GA and Children's Co-travelcard is accepted.
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Aussicht in Bauen auf dem Weg der Schweiz auf den Vierwaldstättersee.

More about the Swiss Path

To celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation in 1991, all 26 cantons joined an initiative to create a new public walking trail in the heart of Switzerland and around the cradle of Swiss history. This fittingly named Swiss Path runs around the southernmost bay of Lake Lucerne, which is better known as Lake Uri. This particularly scenic and outright spectacular part of the Swiss Alps features dramatic landscapes with steep cliffs and towering pinnacles.

The basic idea of the Swiss Trail is that it includes 26 different sections; one for each canton. The sequence of the sections is based on the chronological order in which the cantons joined the confederation, while the length of  a section was determined by the population of each canton in 1991. At that time, every person in Switzerland was given 5 symbolic millimeters of path.

Frequently asked questions

During spring and autumn the last boat departs Bauen at 16.21. During the summer it is one hour later at 17.21. In case you are a quick walker and have fast pace along the trail, there is also an earlier boat departure at 14.21.

This scenic excursion is possible from April to October.

This hike is not suitable for buggies or bikes, because several sections are very steep, unpaved or also fitted with steps.

Yes, there are several restaurants along the Swiss Path, including at the Rütli meadow and in Seelisberg.

Yes, at the following locations:

  • Rütli
  • Schiebenboden Kirchdorf Seelisberg, near the Seelisberg town church
  • Seelisberg playground, near the Volg supermarket
  • Marienhöhe, along the Swiss Path, at the Tannwald vantage point
  • Wyssig, along the Swiss Path to Bauen

Yes, the Swiss Path continues from Bauen along the lake further south to Isleten. This flexible excursion ticket is also valid on the boat to or from Isleten.