Shipping and Corona virus

Lake Lucerne

Below you will find information from the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV) AG about corona virus and shipping on Lake Lucerne.

Information: Update from 26. November 2020, 09:00

According to the latest Covid-19 federal guidelines (28. October 2020), a maximum of 4 people are allowed at the same table in the catering area. Larger groups will be divided between several tables.

All culinary cruises expect the lunch cruise are canceled until 28th of February 2021. 

From 19. October 2020 the mask obligation is extended in Switzerland. The mask obligation applies to boarding facilities such as stations and shelters.

Consumption in the ships restaurants is only allowed while sitting. This applies to the culinary theme cruises and to boat charters. In the catering area, masks are compulsory up to the tables. While sitting the face protection can be taken off.

From 4 July 2020, the ships of the Lake Lucerne Navigation company (SGV) AG will again be driving more regularly on Lake Lucerne. You can find the current timetable here.

According to the Federal Council, from July 06, 2020 the mask obligation will apply to public transport, including the shipping. HOWEVER, with one exception: you will NOT have to wear a mask if you take a seat in the catering area.

When must a mask be worn? When boarding and leaving as well as in the interior and exterior of the ships (except sitting in the catering area).

The Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV) AG is subject to the protective measures of public transport (German). We urge passengers to adhere to these rules. The safety of our guests and employees has the highest priority. More detailed information on protection and hygiene can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH .

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time at infolakelucerne.ch or by phone at +41 41 367 67 67.

Any changes will be communicated continuously on the website www.lakelucerne.ch.

We wish you good health and thank you for your understanding.