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The Lake Lucerne Navigation Company and Sustainability

As a company that operates in a pristine Alpine environment, we care a great deal about green transport and our climate. Sustainability is therefore an important part of our corporate philosophy and we are committed to environmental protection, pollution reduction as well as carbon offset through the following initiatives:

Compensation payments to MyClimate to ensure the carbon neutral operation of MS Diamant and Hybrid propulsion systems on various modern vessels to reduce both fuel consumption and carbon emissions

MS Diamant fährt auf dem Vierwaldstättersee mit dem schönen Sonnenuntergang im Hintergrund.

MyClimate cooperation to the Motor vessel Diamant

Since 2017, we have cooperated closely with MyClimate to ensure that our modern Super Yacht MS Diamant is the first carbon neutral passenger ship in Switzerland. As part of this collaboration, we make compensation payments to MyClimate, which then finances sustainable and ecological projects around the world to reduce carbon emissions.

Man sieht das Motorschiff Bürgenstock in voller Fahrt Richtung Kehrsiten.

Motor vessel Bürgenstock

Several of our modern motor vessels feature state-of-the-art hybrid propulsion systems, which reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions. In the Bay of Lucerne, these ships operate in electric battery mode, before the diesel engines are switched on in another part of the lake and then help recharge the batteries.

Because all of our newest vessels have been built by our sister company Shiptec in Lucerne, transport logistics during the construction and maintenance process are very efficient and help reduce our carbon footprint.

To the ship

View from above on the stern of the motor ship Diamant. The Swiss flag is blowing in the wind, the sky is slightly cloudy.

Motor vessel Diamant

MS Diamant is one of the largest and most advanced passenger vessels in Switzerland. Thanks to its stylish design, elegant facilities and spacious decks, it feels more like a Mediterranean cruise ship.

The vessel’s diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system has set a new standard and helps reduce carbon emissions. MS Diamant uses innovative technology to combine operational efficiency with environmental protection!

To the ship

Ein Angestellter von der Shiptec ist in einer blauen Uniform am Arbeiten.

Shiptec as the leading shipbuilder

Our sister company

Our sister company Shiptec is the leading shipbuilder and naval services provider in Switzerland. Shiptec’s focus on technological innovation has contributed to the design of our newest motor vessels as state-of-the-art hybrid ships with efficient diesel-electric propulsion systems. These advanced solutions help reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions. Shiptec works closely with Siemens to develop and implement clever energy management applications and marine power systems for inland ships or private yachts. EcoProp is one such system, which is noteworthy for its compact design, operational flexibility and proven durability, combining energy efficiency with noise reduction and lower emissions.

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