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About the project "Cause We Care"

With a voluntary contribution of 1% of the value of your purchase, it is possible to support our sustainability initiative and make a difference for the environment. As a special thank you, we promise to match your contribution and double the actual amount. A large part of these carbon compensation funds is used to support the international project of myclimate in Uganda. The other part of your contribution is used to implement local sustainability measures and reduce the operational carbon footprint of SGV AG on site in Lucerne.

Together we can protect the environment and ensure its beauty and tranquility for future generations to enjoy.

This is how you can make a contribution

  1. When you purchase one of our cruises or other products in our e-shop, it is possible to make a voluntary contribution in order to compensate the carbon emissions from your activity.  We also offer this same option for any charter cruise bookings or other event reservations.
  2. The exact amount of this voluntary contribution is calculated from the length and distance of your cruise. The contribution is then paid into a designated climate protection fund.
  3. We will match your contribution and hence double the actual amount that can be used for climate protection measures.
  4. Half of your contribution is used to implement local sustainability and carbon reduction measures in Switzerland. The other half is paid into the myclimate fund to support the international project in Uganda.

Thanks to our combined efforts, it is possible to achieve the maximum effect for the benefit of both local and global climate protection! Many thanks for your support! We are pleased to make a difference thanks to our cooperation with the Swiss foundation myclimate and its program Cause We Care.

Sustainability measures and climate protection initiative

Thanks to the voluntary carbon compensation of our customers, as well as our own matching contribution, we’ve already been able to implement a long list of local and global climate protection measures. Thank you very much for your commitment to an intact environment! 

You can read more about our sustainability projects on our project page.

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About myclimate

myclimate is our partner for effective climate protection measures, both locally and globally. Together with other companies as well as private individuals, myclimate has implemented a number of international projects. All of these initiatives help continuously reduce or eliminate carbon emissions. Additionally, myclimate also provides consultancy on climate protection opportunities and educates organizations on how to reduce their carbon footprint. The activities of myclimate are customer-centric and market-oriented. All of myclimate’s sustainability initiatives are intended to be as effective and efficient as possible. 

We are proud to partner with such a first class organization as myclimate, thereby emphasizing our commitment to climate protection in Switzerland and around the world.

More information: myclimate.org