Data Protection

Please note that the internet is generally not a safe environment. All electronic communications for the sake of making contact with us are conveyed over a network, which can be accessed by others. Even if the sender and recipient are both located in Switzerland, the data may transcend international borders and in principle can be hacked by unauthorized third parties. The Lake Lucerne Navigation Company - Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees (SGV) AG therefore refuses any liability for all communications that are made with us over the internet. We cannot ensure the integrity or full protection of your data!


On this website we do not collect or store personal data, unless you knowingly and wantingly have given this to us so that we may provide you with the services that you requested. This includes the use of our electronic contact forms, the subscription to our newsletters, your requests for further product information or online bookings. Based on local Swiss laws and your agreement to our terms and conditions, we may use your voluntarily supplied data to provide you with further information and marketing messages about products or services that we find relevant.


Our website uses Google Analytics software to record non-personal data such as IP addresses, browser and operating systems statistics, as well as country and language information. This kind of data allows us to collect demographic information about the users of our website and helps us monitor the performance of our site. In case you have any further queries, please consult the official documentation from Google about its analytical software. We do use Cookies and session IDs to make the access to our website easier and more relevant to all users. Such tools will remember passwords or store pre-entered, standard data.


For any further questions or comments about data protection on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info(at)