A sustainable fleet

The Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV) continuously prioritizes the energy efficiency of its fleet. This commitment is reflected not only in the integration of newer ships, but also in the prudent upgrading of the existing fleet, some of which are historic.

Electric motor vessel Rütli

This project is just one part of the SGV Group's broader strategy to develop a clean and green fleet, thus focusing on sustainability and environmental protection. A first major milestone will therefore be the relaunch of the electrified vessel Rütli in late spring.

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Motor vesser Saphir

From summer 2026, it's full speed ahead with green hydrogen on Lake Lucerne! From then on, SGV plans to operate the motor vessel Saphir with hydrogen together with Shiptec. The H2UriAG hydrogen production plant at the Bürglen hydropower plant is scheduled to go into operation at the beginning of 2025. Further information on the "Zero-Emission Saphir" project will follow. 

MS Bürgenstock

This catamaran ferry is fitted with an innovative hybrid propulsion system that was developed by our own subsidiary Shiptec in cooperation with Siemens. In the Bay of Lucerne the vessel only runs on electric power from its batteries, before switching to diesel mode in the open part of the lake. During that cruising time the diesel generators also recharge the batteries. Thanks to this effective balancing process, half of the cruise can be made in electric mode. 

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MS Diamant

MS Diamant is one of the largest and most modern vessels on Lake Lucerne. It is actually unique in Switzerland and truly a state-of-the-art superyacht that combines stunning visual design with comfortable accommodation and clever technical innovations. Launched in 2017, the ship is fitted with a hybrid propulsion system that uses peak power sharing. During off-peak periods, the excess capability of the diesel generators is used to recharge the batteries. This unique system is a first in Switzerland and has helped set a new standard!

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When modernizing our historic steamboat, we rely on innovative technologies to combine tradition with efficiency. Through targeted measures, we are improving the environmental compatibility of these iconic fleet members without compromising their nostalgic charm. Here you can find the measures we have already implemented: 

  • Switching from steam turbines to generators on all five steamboats. This led to a reduction in Co2 emissions of around a third.
  • The interior lighting on the steamboats Gallia and Schiller was converted to LED in 2023, with more ships to follow.
  • Heat recovery on the steamboat Uri, Gallia and Unterwalden was implemented in 2023.