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Lake Lucerne has been awarded the Swisstainable label

Sustainability is very important for us at the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV AG). Various projects in the areas of climate and environmental protection, society and economy have been implemented in the past and will follow in the future. This way, our company makes a contribution to sustainable development as well as an ecological travel experience in Switzerland. These efforts have been recognized, when we were awarded the Swisstainable label of Switzerland Tourism in December 2021.The label of Switzerland Tourism distinguishes tourism businesses that are committed to sustainability.

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What does the new label Swisstainable mean

Level II (engaged) quality benchmark for Lake Lucerne

The Swiss tourist industry is keen on contributing to climate protection and sustainable travel. In order to further promote Switzerland as a green destination, a host of sustainability initiatives have been launched. All Swiss tourist and transport companies are eligible to participate in these activities and by committing to certain sustainability benchmarks are thus awarded the Swisstainable label, which comes with various levels of engagement. The Level II designation brings with it a commitment to implement at least three sustainability targets, but we are proud to voluntarily pursue six by late 2023!


Concrete measures

SGV AG has committed to implementing six measures by late 2023. Among these are:

  • Business diversification: Lake Lucerne shall become a destination with a balanced mix of guests. The main target clientele shall be domestic visitors from within Switzerland.
  • Participation in the MyClimate initiative "Cause we Care" 
  • The company management will only use public transport for all business trips that are under 90 minutes of flight time
  • The CO2 exhaust from the five paddle steamers is to be reduced by 1.5% annuallyer